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About Brainmetal Design

Michael Sinanan’s years of experience has incorporated Publishing, Corporate Communications, Creative Design, Branding Solutions and the Fine Arts. Adding Photography, Industrial Design and now Film Making to his extensive portfolio.

A love for the visual world and a near obsession with how design unites, brainmetal  has become a portal for clients to access his knowledge of business strategies, market intelligence, out of the box creativity and detailed brand delivery. Working west to east coast, Michael has explored the varied world of design incorporating international influences to create comprehensive and informed projects. Being aware of the cutting edge and his passion for the world of design has added invaluable experience and knowledge to an already finely tuned craft.

In other news...

To celebrate 13 years of blood, sweat and scotch, Brainmetal published 100 of its best logos completed during its tenure. It will be available once we clear the C-19 current state of affairs.

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